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A Way With Words is a text, language and translation studio; a platform for people who love getting creative with words. We write your texts in another language, edit and proofread your work and help you reach, inspire and move your audience.

We are A Way With Words and we believe there’s a better, more honest and more transparent way of doing things.

We are not a translation or copywriting agency, but a platform: a dynamic and flexible network of experienced professionals with a healthy obsession for languages. We are a community of language experts; colleagues who help, challenge and complement each other, with our knowledge, experience and qualities. This website is where you can find us.

We believe that words are important and we take you and your story seriously. So whatever your product or service, or whatever you have to say; we’ll listen, read, provide input and create something with real value, which is sure to engage, motivate and inspire.

Because we believe that communication knows no bounds and that a good idea will travel all across the world in an instant. We are A Way With Words and we think that there’s a different way. What about you?


Online shopping is booming in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world. It’s hardly surprising, then, that more and more online shops are cropping up to take advantage of this trend. If you believe in your products and think you have what it takes to conquer the international market, you will have to be distinctive. And you need more than a slick interface and high-quality photography to stand out: you need unique copy, too. Clear texts that will entice online shoppers to buy – in any language. Can your existing copy do with a little tinkering? Or are you looking for a dedicated translation partner who won’t hesitate to share their thoughts? Then A Way With Words is the perfect partner for you. We have worked on many e-commerce projects and know exactly how to navigate the linguistic and technical challenges involved. We won’t be satisfied until your online copy perfectly matches your company’s image, leading to confident conversion.

Human Resources is first and foremost about people and what they do in your organisation and beyond. You want to tell them things, teach them, compliment them or bring them up to speed – whether with a new code of conduct, a job ad, a CSR report or an assessment report of a genius new coder whose Dutch isn’t quite up to par yet. Whatever your goal, you want to reach people, which requires more than the right words: you need to speak the right language. At A Way With Words, we have the know-how and experience to get your people moving and – ultimately – to drive change in your organisation.

More and more organisations are tapping into the promise of e-learning, and with good reason. It’s the best way to imbue employees with new knowledge, whether it’s a code of conduct, a manual for a new IT system or updated company procedures. Employees can take courses wherever and whenever they want, and employers get to easily keep track of who has completed which modules. If you want to make sure that everyone in your organisation has access to the same information, including non-native speakers and employees or partners abroad, sound translation is essential. And that just happens to be what we do best. We’ll make sure that your message is conveyed clearly, appealingly and effectively in any language.

Today’s IT landscape revolves around user-friendliness and accessibility. Modern apps, platforms, websites and programs need a transparent, clear and intuitive interface – in all languages. Consistency is a key concern, but there are less obvious matters that merit consideration too, such as character limits, HTML tags or the subtle difference between “sign in”, “sign up” and “register”. Each IT translation comes with countless new decisions that can ultimately make an app easier and more pleasant to use, and the last thing you want is to have Google’s algorithms make those important decisions for you. Fortunately, the time of copy-pasting translations straight into your environment is well behind us. With our vast arsenal of tools, we can easily translate a PHP, HTML, XML or XLIFF export of all your texts. When we’re done, all you have to do is import the file into your environment and you’re good to go!

We know that it takes more than good services or products to stand out as a brand: you have to tell a unique story. A story that people recognise, that touches them, intrigues them and tempts them. We can help you share your story with the world – from a marketing brochure for millennials and social media content, to a press release by a fashionable international designer looking to launch their collection in the Benelux area and Germany. We have the know-how, tools and words to inspire and activate your audience to get you the results you want. We can retell your story in any language you wish: challenge us, you’ll be rewarded.

If your project doesn’t quite fit into one of the five domains listed above, don’t worry. We’ve got much more up our sleeve. With our network of experienced translation experts, we can take on virtually any translation project under the sun, from package inserts and T&Cs to end-of-year reports and packaging labels. We’ve been in this industry for quite some time now and have seen just about any text you can imagine, so we know that each project type has its own specific challenges and requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs and wishes. And just between us: if we’re not 100% confident that we can get you the perfect end result you’re looking for, we’ll tell you.


A Way With Words is a dynamic network of professionals with a healthy obsession for language. We focus mainly on so-called ‘added-value’ texts: texts that require a human touch – from HR reports and websites to brochures and press releases, or something completely different. We’ll help you engage with your target audience, inspire them and activate them. We’ll tell your story in a different language.


A Way With Words was conceived and set up by former classmates, colleagues and – though they might not admit it – good friends who have known each other for years and years. If you contact us, chances are you’ll be dealing with one of them, so here’s a brief introduction.

Lars Derks

Lars graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2001 with a degree in Scandinavian languages and literature. He worked in a record shop for a while (when they were still around) and has been working in the translation industry since 2005 in almost any position you can imagine. He has a family, two daughters, a cat, and a passion for music, games and science fiction.

Carlo Geers

Carlo graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2007 – specialising in post-structuralist literary theory – and holds a cand. mag. degree in philosophy from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He lived in Scandinavia for a decade, where he cut his teeth as a translator. He loves Asian cuisine and is obsessed with modular synthesisers.

Stella Janssen

Stella completed her bachelor's degree in French language and culture in 2012 and her master's degree in Translation Studies in 2015, both at Utrecht University. She is an avid festival-goer, enjoys playing tennis, loves French, adores tasting new wines and knows all of Ottolenghi's books by heart.
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How we work

Although myriad different projects come our way, our approach always consists in three key building blocks.

We’re eager to find out more about our clients, their products or services and the role they play in our world. We listen to their story and sit down together to shape a language and translation strategy that matches their vision and ambitions.

We use all the information we’ve collected to create a profile of the language experts who would best fit this specific project and the strategy we discussed with the client. Next, we delve into our network: selecting the right people, getting them up to speed and making sure that everyone has been cast in the right role…

We thoroughly check all texts for grammar, style and tone of voice. Finally, once the texts are polished to perfection and we’re 100% satisfied, we send the end result to our clients.

How do you get started? By doing things differently, by thinking differently and by wanting something different. By looking around you, looking ahead and looking beyond. And by taking a new approach and trying new things.

But, you have to stay sharp and critical – of yourself and others –, stay honest and transparent – with each other and your clients – , and constantly strive to improve.

As we see it, you can’t set about doing things differently until you’ve sat down and had an earnest discussion, learned to believe in your own skills and rely on others.

We believe that a good text and a good story can make the difference. And we believe that a good text, one tailored to the environment in which it’ll be used, will show that you take yourself, your product and your clients seriously. That, at any rate, is our two cents. And we’d love to hear your story.

Whereas many of our colleagues are embroiled in a race to the bottom, locked in a battle to offer the lowest rates, we go about things slightly differently. Rather than ‘How much will it set me back’, we think the real question to ask is: ‘What will it get me?’. We’ll admit that we’re not the cheapest out there, but we do believe in our skills and in our product, just like you. And if we can agree on that, we’re sure we can agree on the rest as well.


A Way With Words is a text, language and translation studio. We’ve worked with countless clients, including the following.


If you would like to tell us a bit more about your project or would just like to meet up to get to know each other, call us or send an e-mail to find out what we can do for you. If you’d like, you can also use the contact form below.



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